Collingwod Venue

If you are seeking fitness or striving to achieve your best performances as a more serious athlete, Collingwood Masters have the ideal facilities to support you and assist you.


From time to time we have organized training and, at most of our meetings, some of the members get together to conduct their own track training.

Many of our members have long and impressive records and are happy to talk to you about improving your performances.

If you are there for the enjoyment of running (or walking), or if you would like to be better, but know your limitations and enjoy participating at the level you have reached, there are many of our members who will be pleased to compete with you.


We have a few handicap races each year, most of which are Trophy events, and in these events you have as much chance as anyone else to figure in the placings.

We have a number of most enjoyable functions after some of our organized events which most of our members participate in as an attractive social interaction.